1. Black Ghost Knifefish species profile

  2. Purple pencilfish species profile

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    Nitrogen cycle

    One of the most fundamental things to learn when beginning the fish hobby is the nitrogen cycle.

    The nitrogen cycle (in the aquarium) is the process which involves bacteria breaking down waste.

    Firstly, you have the introduction of waste. Fish poop, uneaten food, decaying plants, dead fish, dead inverts, etc. cause a buildup of ammonia. In the aquarium you need an ammonia level of 0. In a tank with an acidic pH (under 7) it will become ammonium, which is less harmful (about as bad as...
  4. Clown Knifefish species profile

  5. Daemon Cichlid species profile

  6. Malawi Trout species profile

    They can live for 5-8 years.
    Males are larger and more colorful than females. Older males also develop larger dorsal, anal and caudal fins.

    By George Albert Boulenger - Catalogue of the fresh-water fishes of Africa in the British museum (Natural history), Public Domain,
  7. Red-spotted tetra species profile

    By Blair Chen - Own work, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 ()

    They are not a real tetra, so unlike them are not schooling or shoaling. They don't need to be in groups.

    Males have longer fins and are more colorful.
  8. Red line splashing tetra species profile

  9. Spotted splashing tetra species profile

  10. Malawi Sand Diver species profile

  11. Royal Knifefish species profile

  12. Copella eigenmanni species profile

    By Blair Chen - Own work, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    A schooling fish, so should be kept in groups of 6+ of their own species.

    Males are larger and more colorful.
  13. Red Hump Eartheater Cichlid species profile

  14. Mother Of Pearl Eartheater Cichlid species profile

  15. Splash tetra species profile

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