Common Name(s)
Cherry shrimp
Scientific Name
Neocaridina davidi
Maximum Size
1.5 inches
Minimum Tank Size
1 gallon
Tank Setup
Dark substrate, with plenty of plants.
Tank Region
Herbivore. Primarily feeds on algae, but will take algae wafers and veggies.
The easiest shrimp to breed in the hobby, you just have to keep it in the right water conditions. It takes up to 30-45 days for the shrimp to hatch.
Most fish will eat the baby shrimp, but smaller fish like cories or guppies should be fine with adults.
Ease of Keeping
pH: Doesn't matter; Temperature: 60-75 Fahrenheit

By TheJammingYam at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Fire red variant:

By Stevencaller - with my camera, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Female with eggs:

By Arnaud Ungaro - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Yellow variant:

By DirkBlankenhaus - Praca własna, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Family tree:

By Pethro - Praca własna, CC BY-SA 4.0,

They were formerly known as Neocaridina heteropoda.

It is not as good an algae eater as C. multidentata.

There are many variants, including: Cherry Red, Sakura Red, Fire Red, Yellow, Wild, Fire Neon, Orange Sakura, Rilli, Blue Rilli, Orange Rilli, Blue Jelly, Deep Blue, Green Czech Republic, Chocolate, Chocolate Sakura, and Black Sakura.

They are very sensitive to high nitrates, any nitrites, and any ammonia. Like all shrimp, copper is very harmful to them.

If you keep them in higher temps, they will breed faster, but will also have shortened lifespans.

Males are less colorful, smaller, and their tails are narrower. Females will have a saddle.

If you are new to the shrimp keeping hobby, this is definitely the easiest shrimp to keep and breed. They will eat almost anything fed to them, but they are primarily herbivores. They are extremely prolific, but will not overrun your tank as they seem to control their population when they sense the tank is too full. They seem to keep the range at 10 per gallon. The females eggs can be yellow or green, but that doesn’t mean anything. These shrimp are the hardiest shrimp in the freshwater aquarium hobby. Never mix color variants together, because when they breed they will turn the drab gray wild color.

They can live up to 2 years.

This picture will also help, as to how many variants there are: