Common Name(s)
Cobalt Discus, Blue Discus, Blue Faced, Blue-Head, Red Thunder, Blue Red Turquoise, Marlboro Red, Pigeon Blood, Green, Brown, Snake Skin, Spotted Strawberry, etc.
Scientific Name
Symphysodon aequifasciatus
Colombia, Peru
Very peaceful but can get aggressive while spawning.
Maximum Size
6 inches
Minimum Tank Size
55 gallons
Tank Setup
They need strong and efficient filtration. Discus prefer an aquarium with warm, soft, and slightly acidic water; they tend to prefer wamer water than most tropical fish. Lower termperatures have the effect of increasing the Discus' susceptibilty to death and disease. A planted aquarium with an open area for swimming suits them well, but the plants need to be varieties that can tolerate warmer temperatures of 82° F and up. Some good plants selections are rosette plants like the Dwarf Lily Bulbs, Anubias Nana, etc.
Tank Region
Foods such as both frozen and live brine shrimp, bloodworms ,etc are readily eaten by Discus. In the market there are foods made specifically for Discus.
They are egg layers and will attach their eggs to plants, driftwood, rocks, and ornamentation in the aquarium.
With other temp-compatible community fish that are not too boisterous.
Ease of Keeping
Intermediate for aquarium bred specimens; Difficult for wild caught specimens
pH: Doesn't matter; Temperature: 82 to 88 Fahrenheit; Substrate Type: Sand is preferred, but gravel is fine.

By Patrick Farrelly - from en.wikipedia:, Public Domain,

It is hard to distinguish the sex but during breeding season the male will have a more pointed papillae while the female's is rounded. Males may be larger and some males have a more pointed dorsal fin and thicker lips.

Should be kept in groups of 5 or more.