Common Name(s)
Fahaka puffer, Aahaka Puffer (derieved from Arabic word), Nile Puffer, Lineatus Puffer, Striped Puffer, Band Puffer, Globe Puffer, etc.
Scientific Name
Tetraodon lineatus
They are mainly found in the Nile, Chad, Niger, Volta, Gambia, Geba and Senegal Rivers in Africa.
Extremely aggressive but it has great personalities.
Maximum Size
16-20 cm.
Minimum Tank Size
75 gallon.
Tank Setup
Fahaka Puffers are sensitive to certain change in water parameters. They are freshwater puffers, so they must be kept in freshwater tank and the water should be hard. Sandy substrate with caves, drift woods are best for them. Plants with strong binding roots works well with the puffers.
Tank Region
All over the tank.
They are Carnivorous in nature. Feed them a good mixture of crabs, crayfish, shrimp, frozen bloodworms, earthworms, crickets, snails, etc. They must be fed 2-3 times daily.
Not common in home aquarium.
Must be kept single due to aggressive nature.
Ease of Keeping
pH-7.5-8.0, Temperature-72 to 82° F. Since they are messy eaters, Canister Filters are really good for them. Weekly 40-50 % water should be changed to keep them healthy.

By Earedien (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fahaka Puffer's teeth grows very fast. It should be trimmed twice a month or else it will lead to overgrowth and starvation.
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