Common Name(s)
Jaguar Cichlid, Aztec Cichlid, Spotted Guapote, Tiger Guapote, Managuense Cichlid.
Scientific Name
Parachromis managuensis
Found mainly in Central America from the Ulua River in Honduras to the Matina River in Costa Rica.
Extremely aggressive. It is a predatory fish.
Maximum Size
24.0 inches (60.96 cm).
Minimum Tank Size
200 gallons for each pair.
Tank Setup
Lots of hiding spots with caves and driftwoods are required. Gravels and rocks are the best because they like to dig like other cichlids. Perform 25-30 % water change every week as they are very messy eaters. Canister filters provides a good filtration for them. Lighting can be low, maintain ample space for swimming. They are also very good jumpers, so a heavy hood is a necessity.
Tank Region
All over the tank.
Jaguar Cichlid is a carnivore, a predator which feeds on smaller fish in the wild. In the aquarium it will accept insects, earthworms, blood worms and frogs.
If you have a pair from juvenile then it is obvious that you will have some fry. They will lay the eggs on a big rock.They are bi-parental and will protect the fry from danger. During this time it can also attack any moving objects .
Will not tolerate any other species except its own species.
Ease of Keeping
pH-7-8.7, Temperature: 73 to 82 F

By George Chernilevsky - Own work, Public Domain,

Male Jaguars are bigger in size than female Jaguars. Also, they are very hardy in nature like most other cichlids.