Common Name(s)
King Kong Parrots, Super King Kong Parrots.
Scientific Name
None, It is a Hybrid Cichlid.
Part of Cichlasoma genus, but scientists cannot give it an official family.
Man made hybrid fish created with the genes of South American Cichlids.
Becomes aggressive during the breeding season.
Maximum Size
Can reach upto 30 cm. They are bigger than their cousins-the Blood Parrots.
Minimum Tank Size
75 gallon for each pair.
Tank Setup
Lots of hiding spots with caves and driftwoods are required as they are very shy. Maintain ample space for swimming. Gravels are best because they like to dig like other cichlids. Perform 25-30% water change every week as they are very messy eaters. Lighting can be low.
Tank Region
Bottom to mid dweller.
They are omnivorous in nature. Will accept any type of foods-flakes, pellets, blood worms and brine shrimp. To increase the dark red colour they need carotene enriched pellets.
98 % males are sterile. Females can be bred with the Central American Cichlids. But mostly they will form the hybrids.
They have the genes of Midas cichlid and Red Devil Cichlid. So, they are aggressive in nature. It is best to keep with the same species only.
Ease of Keeping
pH: Doesn't matter; Temperature: 72-82F (22-28C).Since they are messy eaters Canister Filter is really good for them. If kept properly can live more than 10 years.

By AtelierMonpli (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

King Kong parrots are far more different than the Blood Parrots. King Kong parrots have normal mouths unlike that of the Blood Parrots. Besides, they are far more bigger than their cousins. Males show the nuchal humps with pointed fins. But, sometimes it is also not reliable. The best way to tell the gender is their vent tube. It was reported that they amuse their owners with their extreme personalities.