Common Name(s)
Large-Eyed Mouthbrooder, Big-eye Mouthbrooder
Scientific Name
Callochromis macrops
Cichlidae; Subfamily: Pseudocrenilabrinae
Lake Tanganyika, Africa
Maximum Size
5.4 inches
Minimum Tank Size
75 US gallons
Tank Setup
They need clean, well-oxygenated water. Provide an open tank with a sandy substrate, as they are sand sifters.
Tank Region
Feed live/frozen foods, but make sure the food reaches the bottom of the tank. They get most of their food from the substrate.
They are maternal mouthbrooders. The male will build a nest out of sand and he will fold his anal fin to make it look like an egg to lure the female to the nest and lay eggs. The female will then pick up the eggs and the male will fertilize them. She will then carry the brood for 3-4 weeks before releasing 25-60 fry.
They can be kept individually, or in a group of one male per 4-6 females. Just don't keep multiple males together, as they can be very aggressive towards each other. They can be kept with other fish, as long as they inhabit different regions of the tank.
Ease of Keeping
pH: 7.8-9.5, Temperature: 75-81 degrees Fahrenheit
They can live for 5-8 years with proper care.
Males are larger and more colorful than females.

By Georges Albert Boulenger -, Public Domain,