Common Name(s)
Severum, Poor Man's Discus, Hero Cichlid.
Scientific Name
Heros efasciatus
South American rivers such as the Orinoco River basin and drainage in Colombia and Venezuela, as well as the Amazon River basin and the upper Negro River basin.
Maximum Size
12 inches (30cm).
Minimum Tank Size
75 gallon
Tank Setup
Caves and rocks are suitable. They enjoy densely planted aquarium. But make sure the plants are well anchored as they like to dig like other cichlids.
Tank Region
All over the aquarium.
Will accept cichlid pellets, blood worms, plants ,etc.
They can become aggressive during spawning. Both the parents takes part in guarding the eggs.
May eat smaller fish. Keep them with similar species and non-aggressive cichlids.
Ease of Keeping
Easy to keep and are hardy in nature.
pH: Doesn't matter; Temperature: 72-82F (22-28C). If kept properly, then they can live up to 10 years.

Severums are available in various parts of the world. In the Fish Store they are mainly sold as juveniles. Make sure that their qualities are good and don't buy those unhealthy ones.
It has two common variants, the golden form, and the wild green one. Pictured is the gold form.