Common Name(s)
Thick-lipped gourami, sunset gourami (for the orange variant)
Scientific Name
Trichogaster labiosa
Southern Myanmar, also introduced to Colombia
Maximum Size
4 inches
Minimum Tank Size
20g long
Tank Setup
Ideally kept in a well planted tank with a dark substrate.
Tank Region
Undemanding. It will take most foods
Nest builder. Will spawn in shallow water, with plenty of floating plants. Female and male should be kept apart in the weeks up to the spawning, to keep the female in good condition and prevent unwanted spawns. 5000-1000 eggs will be produced, which the male will take care of. Even though the male is less aggressive towards the female at this point than other Anabantoids, it’s best to remove the female. The eggs will hatch 24-36 hours after the spawn, at which point the male should be removed. The fry will become free-swimming in 2-3 days. Feed the fry liquid fry food or infusoria for the first week, after this they should be able to take brine shrimp, microworms, and powdered flakes.
With other community fish
Ease of Keeping
pH: Doesn't matter; Temperature: 72-82 Fahrenheit

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A gold/sunset strain exists. It's also very common in the hobby, maybe even more so than the original strain.

Males are larger and more colorful, and also have more pointed anal and dorsal fins.

This species can hybridise freely with T. fasciata, the banded gourami. Therefore it’s not recommended to keep them together. However, two females of the species will work. Despite its ease of keeping and peaceful nature, it’s not very popular in the hobby.