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    Guess what it is?

    Pangio oblonga?
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    Daffodil Cichlid species profile

    Great article! I've kept these singly in 20 longs with no issues, but I agree, it's best to keep them in a 30g or larger as they will breed out into several generations with older offspring assisting the adults in caring for newer generations.
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    Aqueon filter stopped working

    It really is loose, I've had that happen as well, though with an AC 50, so the effect was less dramatic.
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    Aqueon filter stopped working

    Well, bummer! ACs are nice too, definitely gotta love the extra media space... and I kinda like that squarish look.
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    Aqueon filter stopped working

    Similar thing happened to one of my Aqueon 55/75s, I it left unoperating for a couple of weeks, and when I set it back up, it wouldn't turn on - turns out, something was creating a blockage in the impeller area. Quietflows don't have the best design, but they're pretty tough.
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    When's the next Petco dollar per gallon sale?

    No clue, but I do know that in my area, they no longer include 75s in the sale, not sure if this is nationwide or not though. Might want to re-check with your local store.
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    Happy New Year!

    A little late, but.... Happy New Year! :)
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    Plant suggestions?

    Jungle val and trident java fern are wonderful lowlight plants. They take a little while to acclimate and usually melt quite a bit at first, but once they get going they grow pretty fast from then on. Just be sure they are provided with sufficient, adequate lighting as well as the regular dose...
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    I found a fish in the priming pot

    Congrats on rescuing him, hope he continues to do well! Is it a common occurrence for koi and goldfish to hybridize?
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    Merry Christmas eve! Thank you for the follow!

    Merry Christmas eve! Thank you for the follow!