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    What brand of fish food do you feed your fish?

    New Life Spectrum mainly. I found that Hikari bloated my goldfish quite a bit so when I found NLS I forked out the extra money on that and haven't had a single bloated goldfish since. Recently though my cats spilled most of my NLS and the only shop near me that sells it is currently out of...
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    Winter sucks

    Just move to the southern hemisphere for three months of the year and skip winter all together. :P
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    My Intro

    Thanks for inviting me. :)
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    My Intro

    I have tanks ranging in size from 10gal to 100gal, and I'm currently setting up a 1600gal pool to use as a pond for my goldfish. If my username doesn't give it away, I'm a cat person with more cats than any one person needs (3) and about to acquire a fourth. I don't live in Utah (or the US for...