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    RO Water

    Rusty's Reefs in Sandy has RO water
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    Nitrates and invertebrates health

    Thanks guys!! Ill definitely look into those!! I just ordered a breeder pack of Painted Fire RCS and Im going to make sure the water is perfect. I want them to start breeding sooo badly. Ill try to post an update later and let you know how the plants do.
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    Hey guys! Super stoked to be here! Ive only been doing this for about 2 years now and still have so much to learn. Im reallyy happy to find a local resource for such great knowledge. I actually posted a question in the Aquarium Health forum, so please check it out and help me if possible...
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    Nitrates and invertebrates health

    Hello all! I definitely need some advice on how better to manage my nitrates in my tank as a recent Spike and been killing off my invertebrates. **All fish are completely fine and healthy** *Pic of tank attached 35g Planted tank for small tropical fish 0 amn 0 nitrite 40+ ppm nitrate! *Tap...