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    Hi my name is Raliegh,

  2. Anders247

    Going to restock 20 gallon to Shrimp and small Tetra.

    I would do both cherry and amano shrimp, there's many colors of cherry shrimp available, only do one color though, as multiple colors will interbreed and the young will not have any color, they revert to being gray. It's weird, but true...
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    Going to restock 20 gallon to Shrimp and small Tetra.

    Java moss, java ferns, anubias, really any plant will go ell with shrimp. What type of shrimp do you want?
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    What are all these little snails?

    Just annoying, so harmful to the aesthetic, yes. But won't do anything bad.
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  6. Anders247

    What are all these little snails?

    Malaysian trumpet snails.
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    New sterbai corydoras

    Your tank looks great! Good additions!
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    Jardini Arowana species profile

    Great article!
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    New 10 gallon

    Cool! That's great!
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    Fountain pens

    Yeah, mine leaked, so I stopped using them.
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    Fountain pens

    Jinhao, I think? I'm not really sure.
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    Fountain pens

    Uh, do you mean what type of nib? I don't really remember all the specifics of the types.
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    Fountain pens

    I got a bunch of them but they didn't work well so I stopped. Yeah, lol, lame story, but I had like 11 of them.
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    Beta, dwarf gourami, or honey gourami Community tank!

    Bettas would need warmer temps than neon and panda cories. Go with a dwarf gourami. If you go with a betta, there's always a bigger risk of aggression, as well.
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    My new 45 gallon

    There's some temp incompatibilities there, I'd do a blue/gold gourami instead of a pearl or an angelfish, which would want warmer water than the panda cories and bolivian rams.
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    My new 45 gallon

    Nice! What are you going to do with it?
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    Allred Aquatics

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Electric Blue Ram Cichlid Species Profile

    Nice article!