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  1. Roxane1232

    Fish party

  2. Roxane1232

    Well Merlin loves seaweed

  3. Roxane1232

    Still camera shy.

  4. Roxane1232

    Brine shrimp feeding

  5. Roxane1232

    Finally added 2 pearl gouramis

    Decided I needed a few fish on top and since I really wanted an angel and pearl gourami tank so I finally went to fish for U.
  6. Roxane1232

    Veggie buffet

  7. Roxane1232

    How soon do angelfish get territorial

    Does anyone have issues with young angel fish picking at their plecos. Most of the time Bandit will leave him alone but there is a few times I've noticed him poking Merlin a bit. Bandit is my blushing angel.
  8. Roxane1232

    Need a name

    Now I definitely like that! Fits him.
  9. Roxane1232

    Need a name

    He's finally eating and comfortable after day 2 so now I need a name for hin
  10. Roxane1232

    Best driftwood for bushynose pleco

    724 south 500 west#900 bountiful
  11. Roxane1232

    Best driftwood for bushynose pleco

    Yes, but he's not fully set up. But had some great looking chocolate bushy nose plecos.
  12. Roxane1232

    Best driftwood for bushynose pleco

    Thanks. I did an impulse buy this weekend at Rusty Reefs new store.
  13. Roxane1232

    Best driftwood for bushynose pleco

    What's your favorite driftwood for bushy nose plecos.
  14. Roxane1232

    Well After many years of wanting angels

    Here's a better video of them ones a marble the other is a blushing gold marble
  15. Roxane1232

    New sterbai corydoras

    Couldn't wait anymore. Had to have Angels Bandit and Checkers.
  16. Roxane1232

    Gotta love feeding time!