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  1. Protim Sarkar

    Meet my new little nephew

    Congratulations !:D:love:
  2. Protim Sarkar


    Have you seen the latest news ? They are claiming alien spaceship.:oops:
  3. Protim Sarkar

    Most intelligent fish?

    Goldfish are pretty smart. Yes, Koi's are too. I think Oscars are also intelligent. My Oscar becomes mad and swims madly when he sees me. :)
  4. Protim Sarkar


    Sounds interesting by the way.
  5. Protim Sarkar


    I think an Alien Spacecraft.:unsure:
  6. Protim Sarkar

    He Jiankui

    It's illegal by the way.
  7. Protim Sarkar

    Some pictures of my Danios.

    Thanks !:D
  8. Protim Sarkar

    Some pictures of my Danios.

    Yes, daily I see spawning behaviours. I think without the males the females will absorb the eggs.
  9. Protim Sarkar

    Bulgarian Green’s

    Thanks !:D
  10. Protim Sarkar


    Welcome !
  11. Protim Sarkar

    Bulgarian Green’s

    Bulgarian Green and Bulgarian Seal Points are same ?
  12. Protim Sarkar

    Some pictures of my Danios.

    Recently, I bred these Danios. They are growing everyday.
  13. Protim Sarkar

    Help deciding on cichlids

    Actually, my friend keeps Haps and Peacocks in those tanks. They likes to roam around the tank. But if you keep mbunas, they go for terracotta pots. I use marble and granite slabs to make mbuna caves.
  14. Protim Sarkar

    Help deciding on cichlids

    One of my friend uses Texas Holey Rock as a cave.
  15. Protim Sarkar

    Merry Christmas Brother !

    Merry Christmas Brother !
  16. Protim Sarkar

    Hi my name is Raliegh,

    Welcome Brother !(y):D
  17. Protim Sarkar

    Well After many years of wanting angels

    Angels are beautiful ! But I can't find them on the pictures.:giggle:
  18. Protim Sarkar

    I almost forgot my password. :(

    I almost forgot my password. :(
  19. Protim Sarkar

    Canister filters for 180 gallon

    Then two Sun Sun 304B ? I have seen most of the Youtubers use them. They are pretty good.