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  1. sidfish

    Algae wafer party corydora style

    They do love their Algae wafer's don't they!
  2. sidfish

    Time to wake up!

    Nice Pleco Roxane1232. I have 2 now a Bristlenose and an Albino.
  3. sidfish

    A new Gold Bristlenose

  4. sidfish

    A Shrimp Tank

    29 gallon repurposed to some Nano Ember Tetras, 4 Pepper Cory's, 4 Amano shrimp and 3 Red Cherry Shrimp. 2 weeks in and I've spied a new RCShrimplet today! Hoping there's more.
  5. sidfish

    Wondering if this is Lymphocystis?

    That's sad.. have you had the Lionhead for awhile? If you can keep the immune strong and the water perimeters quality will the fish mange ok living with the virus? My new Ram has the company of 2 female Leopard Danio's who are supposedly not affected by Lymphocystis. They will remain a trio.
  6. sidfish

    Lemon Tetra's are cool

    Have a school of 9, very entertaining curious fish!
  7. sidfish

    Wondering if this is Lymphocystis?

    My QT tank has now turned into a full fledged "assisted living tank" as if it is viral, it will come and go. The fish is active and eating well. I will watch and document. A new fish keepers disease for me to learn. Guess I'd better pick up another quarantine....
  8. sidfish

    Wondering if this is Lymphocystis?

    A new juvenile female German Blue Ram with unusual nodule like cysts in the tissue near the beginning of the tail... internal not external. Can be seen on both sides of the fish.. Any guesses?
  9. sidfish

    Giant Danios

    Yes Anders, the Madagascan's are nice!
  10. sidfish

    Giant Danios

    The fry are already past 1/2 inch and have the long luminous stripe on them. Just make sure you have a tank long enough for them to swim... at least 36 inches. They are too fast for my community tank, scare the rams a bit and take food from others. Otherwise they are great fish!
  11. sidfish

    Climate change

    I do see different movements of conscious people trying to go without technology and get back to the basics in my area. My Island is a very earth friendly place to live.
  12. sidfish

    Climate change

    My dad used to quote Walt Kelly..."We have met the enemy and he is us".
  13. sidfish

    Supplementing Oto's

    Thanks James, still learning how to shoot aquariums.
  14. sidfish

    Giant Danios

    Thank you Anders, I'm considering some Rainbows and doing some research on them. Saw a tank of Australian's and Boesemani at the local fish store this week. Beautiful fish.
  15. sidfish

    Supplementing Oto's

    The Oto's started out being very social, even sharing their bowl with the Albino Cory's. Things have changed in the last month, now they are shy and reclusive... seem to prefer eating after lights out. Supplementing has made all the difference in their survival, I haven't lost a one and...
  16. sidfish

    Giant Danios

    The Giant Danio's have proved to be interesting, started out with 3 to fish cycle my 40 gallon breeder. They have grown from 1.5 inches to almost 4 inches and are full of colour now. One thing that takes getting used to is their Speedy Gonzales behaviour... man are they fast! You can get...
  17. sidfish

    I finally found a banded kuhli loach

    Do they come out much Roxane, I've heard they like to hide?
  18. sidfish

    Can fish have cataracts?

    Thanks Deadliestviper, I'll read up on it. : )
  19. sidfish

    Some pictures of my Danios.

    Those are very beautiful Danios. Mine are not so fancy. I removed the mail from the tank as there was too much spawning harassment. Will the females still set eggs without?