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    For Sale Community fish and plants

    I have a tank that I am looking to clean out and restart on. First, I was planning to do a planted tank but my tank is too deep so it is not going to work. I have a couple Amazon Swords that are hanging on but are tiny because they need a more shallow tank than mine. I also have two Anubis’s...
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    Help deciding on cichlids

    Hello all, So i am currently deciding between two options for my tank. I have a tall 90 gallon tank (36”x36”x16”) and have been wanting to do a community tank with live plants. I have a fair amount of fishkeepihg experience (about 12 years) in both freshwater and saltwater and want to try...
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    Live plants

    Hello all, I am newly returning to the freshwater hobby. I broke away and did saltwater for a while but now I am back and excited for my new hobby and adventure. I have had freshwater aquariums all my life until I went to saltwater a few years ago so I am pretty well versed in what I...