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    Welcome to UFK @duaneS. :)
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    That can be done by any guest.

    That can be done by any guest.
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    I dunno, up to you.

    I dunno, up to you.
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    New aquarium.

    Yeah, same dude.
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    New aquarium.

    Maybe we should give him a cookie.
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    Basics Of Saltwater Tropical Fish

    Some folks believe that the saltwater tropical fish aquariums look better than the freshwater aquariums. But are they? Which do you like? Below are some ways to choose which type to choose for your home. Also, you may want to go to for more home decorating ideas. The...
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    How To Choose The Best Aquarium Filter For Your Fish

    So you’ve finally decided to bring a new hobby to your life and that’s keeping a tropical fish, you might need all the equipment in order to keep the fish full alive. It’s true that before getting a fish, there are lots of thing to do. In maintaining an aquarium, you can actually take care of it...
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    Aquarium Plants: One Of The Best Ornaments In An Aquarium

    Everybody understands the reason why most plants can be seen in many aquariums. Healthy plants and their lush are beautiful to look at when they are in an aquarium. They also create a natural setting in the aquarium. Most of the fishes feel secure, less stressed and safe whenever they have...
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    Tropical Fish And Its Aquarium Maintenance

    Tropical fish includes fish around the world living in tropical environments including salt water and fresh water species. They are popular fish in aquariums because of their bright colors. Tropical also refers to tropical climate wherein the climate is warm or moist all throughout the year...
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    Tips For Buying A Healthy Betta

    We all want a great looking Betta that won’t die on us after just a few days. Here's a quick guide to help you find that healthy Betta. First of all, make sure it’s alive! I can't count the number of times I've seen dead Betta's sitting on pet store shelves. Body Look for bumps, or lumps of...
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    Can You Tell The Sex Of Your Goldfish?

    Have you wondered if your Goldfish is a male or female? At a glance, they may all look the same. But if you are into breeding Goldfish, you better not have all males inside the tank. These are some methods that can be used to recognize the sexes of Goldfish, but even these are useless unless...
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    Can Your Goldfish Recognise You?

    A lot of people misconstrue the fish’s uncontrolled eating to be a sign of lack of intelligence. Nothing could be further from truth! Goldfish can actually recognize their owner and have even demonstrated their learned ability to beg for food when the owner come near the aquarium. They may also...
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    Safe Management of Aquatic Snails

    Aquatic snails can be a charming and interesting addition to any home aquarium. However, they do have a tendency to multiply at incredible rates. Left untreated, snails can cause a severe problem. They will damage plants, eat food destined for your fish, and become an all too visible intrusion...
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    Japanese Koi Pond/Water Garden

    There are a lot of people that will tell you not to put Japanese Koi and plants together. Pet stores and internet articles suggest that Koi will destroy any plants you put in your pond. I have been keeping Japanese Koi in my water gardens for six years without any Koi destroying any of the...
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    Keep It Glowing With Aquarium Lighting

    If you have your own aquarium at home, you need to take care of your fishes just like they were family because a bit of carelessness may cause them some trouble. You need to check if there is good aquarium lighting. This is important for aquarium plants and the fishes. If your aquarium has poor...
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    Betta Won't Eat?

    Feeding your fish is no different from a kid. Although it is very easy to feed your Betta fish, they will not eat everything you throw in. You can try putting in fish flakes, but I can tell you they rather starve than to eat them. It’s not that they have turned bulimic, but certain food just...
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    Choosing A Saltwater Fish Tank

    What to Look For in a Saltwater Fish Tank The decision to purchase a saltwater or marine fish tank for your home or office should not be taken lightly. Marine fish will have requirements far greater than freshwater fish. However, once you’ve decided to purchase a saltwater aquarium you’ll be...
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    Aquarium Decorations Creating Homes for Fishes

    Aquarium decorations are not only beautiful to look at they also have an important purpose. They provide fishes with homes---- hiding places and natural borders resembling their natural habitat. There are many different types of decorations, for instance Cave dwelling fishes love aquarium...
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    Welcome to UFK . :)

    Welcome to UFK . :)
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    Fish Can Provide The Perfect Relaxtion Zone

    An aquarium that has been well looked after must surely be one of the most attractive sights known to man. When casually walking past a fish tank display, it is difficult not to stop in your tracks and feast your eyes on this array of colorful fish varieties. Relaxation is just one of the...