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  1. Tug

    Fishroom build

    Well the second hurdle has been cleared. First step was getting the space. Tonight I went to pick up my first 5 tanks for the new fishroom, and ended up bringing home 22 instead. Oops! So now I have the space and a great jump on the tanks, next will come the racks. Keep checking back in for my...
  2. Tug

    Another Brute

    This guy was massive, 12"-13" Amphilophus Citrinellus, aka Midas cichlid
  3. Tug

    First picture upload: attempt

  4. Tug

    Almost killed all my grow-outs tonight!

    So it's a long story that I'll try to condense down... My city had ecoli in our water about 10 days ago, so they put us on water restrictions (no drinking basically). Two days go by and they flush the city pipes and lift the ban, all seems fine. Well tonight is water change night for me (I...
  5. Tug

    Who's local?

    So I'm new here and don't know any members. This is my attempt to get to know our local community. I remember the "good ol days" when I would spend hours chatting with online friends, planning meets and organizing large fish orders. It's still one of my fondest memories in this hobby....the...
  6. Tug


    Hello everyone, I just found this website (looks great by the way). I'm and old forum hound from back in the day of Utah aquatics. I'm excited to meet many of you and look forward to discussing this amazing hobby with everyone.