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    RO Water

    Does anyone buy RO water? If so where do you go? I have a 6 gallon shrimp tank I need to buy RO water for. I thought I found a place but when I test the RO water when I got home it was complete trash.
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    For Sale 120 gal Marineland tank 60x18x26 with leak

    Will need to be resealed or used for other pets. Would like to get it out of the garage. Make me an offer.
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    Want to Buy ISO 120 gallon tank (60x18x25)

    Looking for a 120 gallon tank (60x18x25). Bought one off ksl and it ended up having a leak. Still like stand and 3D background so prefer to stay with same footprint. Tried to reseal it but probably did a crappy job cause it didn't work. If anyone has a lot of experience resealing and can...
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    Anyone have suggestions on where to buy aquarium gravel? I need enough for 120 gallon. I've checked ksl but there is just one listing and its too brown. I'm thinking of going more whitish since my 3d background is grey. Is petco petsmart my best bet because of the weight?