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  1. SilverFlame819

    Sold Free Briggs (Mystery) Snails

    EDIT! :) Still have some Mystery Snails (Diffusa/Briggs) - They're all baby to teenager sized. I have around 100 of them, mostly Blue and Ivory, with some Purple and Magenta as well. I live downtown. Can meet you just about anywhere in the valley if you'd like some. :)
  2. SilverFlame819

    Prolific critters!!

    So I went to Arizona for two weeks. When I got back, the fishsitter had overfed my tanks. I've got tons of Briggs snails (Mysteries) I'm growing out, and they had like doubled in size. Which would be great, but my water was LITERALLY green and smelled HORRIBLE because they'd been overfed so bad...
  3. SilverFlame819

    It has begun!!!

    Woke up this morning to my first snail clutch completely hatched. They are SO CUTE! I forgot how adorable they are! They are almost microscopic. I can barely see their details with the naked eye, so I'm impressed that my phone camera was able to get a semi-clear photo of one. Since they're so...
  4. SilverFlame819

    Sold Nerites!

    Gone! :)
  5. SilverFlame819

    Want to Buy 3M Colorquartz Black T-grade

    I know the likelihood of anyone having this is close to nil, but thought I'd give it a shot. Best substrate ever, but the company has been out of business for a while. Anyone have a bag of this sitting in your shed? I'm a moron and gave away all of mine to the person who bought my 55. UGH. HMU...
  6. SilverFlame819

    NERITES. >:(

    Okay, so I used to breed Briggs. Totally dug them, they were great, yada yada. This is the first time I have ever had Nerites. At first I was like, "Yay, so pretty, me want." And then I got them home and remembered why I hadn't bought them in the past. All the &*^&^%^% eggs!!! I'm to the point...
  7. SilverFlame819

    Anyone got a breeding project underway?

    I'm seriously considering breeding Bettas. I haven't bred anything in several years, but I find myself looking through Betta varieties for sale online and going OMGGGGG. Seeing what Fish 4 U charges for some of their Bettas makes my eyes bug out. But even Petco is selling things like Koi and...
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    Oh. Well I have Comcast. That explains things. :D
  9. SilverFlame819

    Long-fin Neon Tetra?!

    Holy crap. Scouring the internet today and saw these bad boys. Not really a Neon fan, but these are gorgeous! Any idea if they exist in the US? I'm only seeing them online overseas. I'm a sucker for long fins! "Double Long Fin" variety...
  10. SilverFlame819

    Hi, all.

    Angela here. Used to be a member years ago of some other Utah fish forums, but looks like they're all gone now. Where has everyone migrated to?! I sold all my tanks and moved into my RV for a year, in preparation for moving back to California, but haven't ended up being able to move yet, and...