1. H

    Breeding shrimp ( neocardini davidi)

    I know mixing different color types is bad, but would mixed breeding of orange and reds result im the shrimp reverting back to wild type brownish colors or would it make slightly duller reds and oranges?
  2. CarpCharacin

    Rift Lake Breeding Electric Blue Haps?

    For the past few months I have been looking for a cichlid to breed. I already have three male Electric Blue Haps, so all I would need to get is 12 females. Does anyone here have experience breeding them? How hard are they to breed?
  3. catsma_97504

    How to Sex Angelfish

    I'm always being asked to sex someone's angelfish. It isn't all that easy and I am still not 100%. I still get fooled occasionally. Thought this video might be helpful.