canister filters

  1. CarpCharacin

    Canister filters for 180 gallon

    I need two canister filters for my 180 gallon, since it is drilled with two overflows, and I need a canister for each overflow. I have been leaning towards getting two Eheim 2217s, but I'm a bit worried they won't be powerful enough. Each canister is rated to 159 gallons, but I heard that two...
  2. CarpCharacin

    DIY canister filter?

    I am going to get a 300 gallon stock tank soon (once I've finished some of my existing projects) so I can start breeding cichlids. Has anyone here built a DIY canister filter? If so, what did you use for the filter body, a 5 gallon bucket, PVC pipe? What did you use for media?
  3. CarpCharacin

    Canister Filters

    I have two AquaTop canister filters that I used to have on my 55 gallon tank, but I am not using them since the tank is currently empty. I may use them if I set up the 55 gallon again. What kind of canister filters do you use?