electric blue haps

  1. 55 gallon Electric Blue Hap tank

    55 gallon Electric Blue Hap tank

    This is my 55 gallon tank with my 3 male Electric Blue Haps. I am just using black gravel from Petsmart as the substrate.
  2. CarpCharacin

    I set up my 75 gallon today!

    I set up my 75 gallon tank today, I used a Titan Eze double metal stand, since I haven't finished the wooden stand I was building. I had to put the tank on the bottom of the stand, since I don't think it would have been stable enough on the top with no weight on the bottom. I'm planning on...
  3. CarpCharacin

    Rift Lake Breeding Electric Blue Haps?

    For the past few months I have been looking for a cichlid to breed. I already have three male Electric Blue Haps, so all I would need to get is 12 females. Does anyone here have experience breeding them? How hard are they to breed?
  4. CarpCharacin

    Feeding bloodworms to the electric blue haps

    Here is a video I took while I was feeding my electric blue haps bloodworms:
  5. CarpCharacin

    Scale injury

    I just noticed that one of my Electric Blue haps has what looks like some injuries to his scales on the right side. His pectoral fin also looks a bit ragged. It doesn't look like fin rot. I think he got it from going behind the filter or heater, I just added an aqueon filter to the tank to...
  6. CarpCharacin

    One of my apple snails got eaten!

    I had two apple snails in my top 40 gallon aquarium, I just noticed that one got eaten today. In the tank, I have a common pleco, a rhino pleco, and 3 electric blue haps. I plan to move the haps to my 75 gallon tank soon, once the stand is finished. The shell of the snail was just empty when...
  7. CarpCharacin

    Black Diamond blasting sand

    Today I picked up 200 pounds of black diamond blasting sand for my 75 gallon and my top 40 gallon. I plan to get angelfish for my top 40, once I move my electric blue haps into the 75. I got the regular black diamond sand, not the super fine. Will that work fine, or should I have gotten the...
  8. CarpCharacin

    Split dorsal fin?

    Today I was looking at my electric blue haps and I noticed that one of them had the back of its dorsal fin sort of split in a few places. I am not completely sure if it is fin rot or fin nipping, but I suspect that it is fin nipping. What do you think? It dosen't look that bad. The tank is...
  9. CarpCharacin

    Rift Lake Tankmate Recommendations

    I have three male electric blue haps and some plecos in a 40 gallon breeder tank. People have told me and I have read in a lot of places that I need tank mates to spread out the aggression of the fish. I am planning on getting a 75 gallon tank at the petco dollar per gallon sale since the haps...
  10. CarpCharacin

    Electric Blue Hap Cichlid care guide

    Electric Blue Haps (Sciaenochromis fryeri) originate from Lake Malawi in africa. In this article, we are going to go over the basics of caring for them. Sciaenochromis fryeri are semi aggressive. They can be housed with other Haplochromis cichlids and Mbuna cichlids, but it isn't a good idea...
  11. CarpCharacin

    Rift Lake Cichlids won't eat hikari cichlid gold

    I have 3 male electric blue haps in with a common pleco and a rhino pleco in my top 40 gallon breeder tank. I have some baby pellet floating cichlid gold and they never eat it. They just eat the sinking hikari lionhead. What should I do?
  12. Upstairs top 40 gallon aquarium

    Upstairs top 40 gallon aquarium

    This is one of my four 40 gallon tanks set up currently. I have two tanks upstairs, and two downstairs. Both sets of tanks are on Titan Eze double metal stands, and this is the top tank on the stand upstairs. It is currently stocked with two Cyphotilapia Frontosa, both are pretty small. I am...