1. Downstairs top 40 gallon tank

    Downstairs top 40 gallon tank

    I have two 40 gallon tanks set up in the basement, and two more upstairs, and they are both on double metal stands, and this is the one on the top of the stand in the basement. I am using Black Diamond blasting sand as the substrate. I also have one terra cotta pot in the tank that acts as a...
  2. CarpCharacin

    Feeding expired fish food

    I just realized that the Hikari sinking Cichlid Gold pellets I had been feeding my flowerhorn were expired, they expired in September 2017. I already ordered some new pellets, but will it be fine to continue feeding him the old pellets until the new ones arrive? I just don't want to make him sick.
  3. CarpCharacin

    Flowerhorn hit head

    My flowerhorn hit his head against the side of the tank, there is a small white spot on his nuchal hump where he hit it, but he is acting fine. Will he be OK? I don't have much experience keeping flowerhorns, is there anything I should watch out for?
  4. CarpCharacin

    Best substrate for flowerhorn?

    I have been keeping my Flowerhorn in a bare bottom tank, and I have been thinking that I want to add some substrate. I have some Black Diaomond blasting sand, will that work?
  5. CarpCharacin

    Titanium Flowerhorn

    Today I went to Pets & Such and I saw a small Titanium Flowerhorn, he was about 3 inches long. I kind of want to set up another tank, and get him because he's a really good looking fish. I have two spare 40 gallon breeders, would one of those work, or should I get my 55 going again? I have an...
  6. Flowerhorn Cichlid species profile

    Flowerhorn Cichlid species profile

    By Lerdsuwa - Own photo (400D + 50/1.4), CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1776986 The Flowerhorn Cichlid is a great fish for those who are looking for a unique and large cichlid. Their demands is increasing due to their different strains and the size of the hump.