1. CarpCharacin

    Sick goldfish

    I got a few comet goldfish a while ago, and I think one of them is sick. I recently set up another 40 gallon tank below the tank my flowerhorn is in, and in it I have two comet goldfish, a lionhead goldfish, and a small koi. I think the tank might still be cycling, but I think it's almost...
  2. CarpCharacin

    Goldfish tumor

    So last year this lady who used to live next door had a goldfish she didn't want, and I said I might take it, I just wanted to inspect and quarantine it before putting it in my pond, but instead of giving it to me to quarantine, she came and put it in my pond when I wasn't home. Now the fish...
  3. L

    Free Two Comet Goldfish must go ASAP

    Two beautiful fish completely free! Some one "donated" these to my school by leaving them in our 20 gal tropical aquarium. They must go asap preferably to a pond. Both are orange, sex unknown, and ~ 4-5 inches. They look fairly healthy right now, no signs of fin rot or ich. One is definitely a...
  4. CarpCharacin

    I got some more goldfish today!

    Today I went to Petco and got two new goldfish, a ryukin and a bubble eye. They are in my bottom 40 gallon tank. Here are some pictures: Sorry about the poor image quality, they are pretty small so I had to zoom in.
  5. CarpCharacin

    Feeding the fish in the pond

    Here is a video I took today while I was feeding the fish in the pond:
  6. 1500 gallon koi pond

    1500 gallon koi pond

    I started construction on the pond in February 2015, finished it in April 2016 and I rebuilt the moving bed filter and added a UV clarifier this year. Here is a short video showing the pond and some of the fish:
  7. CarpCharacin

    Pictures of Baby Goldfish & Koi

    Here are some pictures of my baby goldfish and koi. They are the ones that I found outside in the tubs that I keep pond plants in. At first I thought that all of them were goldfish, but at least one of them has barbels, so it is a koi. They are currently in two clear plastic tubs. The water...
  8. CarpCharacin

    Official Goldfish & Koi Photo Thread

    Since we have an official cichlid photo thread, I thought I would create an official Goldfish & Koi photo thread. Feel free to post photos of your goldfish and koi here.
  9. CarpCharacin

    Goldfish care basics

    Goldfish are generally easy to care for, but many people kill goldfish because they are misinformed. In this article we will go over the basics on how to care for goldfish properly. Slim bodied goldfish and egg shaped goldfish have different care requirements. For example, common and comet...
  10. Upstairs bottom 40 gallon aquarium

    Upstairs bottom 40 gallon aquarium

    This tank is my upstairs bottom 40 gallon aquarium. I have a Titan Eze double metal stand and this tank is on the bottom.
  11. CarpCharacin

    Treating bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia in goldfish

    A lot of people would say that if you have a fish that has hemorrhagic septicemia, your fish is going to die. That is because most pet store antibiotics don't work on it. Bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia is when bacteria enters the bloodstream, causing septic shock. The most common symptoms...