12 Step Guide To Buying Healthy Cichlids


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Buying cichlids or any kind of dependent pet for that matter is a serious decision and should be done only when you are truly committed to the task at hand. Remember that caring for any kind of pet takes responsibility and a fair amount of your time and if you’re not prepared for these things on both fronts you will not only be wasting your money, but you will have harmed another animal in the process.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are buying cichlids

* Cichlids should never be purchased on impulse. These exotic cichlids are part of a large array of almost 850 specimens, all with unique behavioral patterns and largely different dietary and environment needs.

* Only once you know what kind of aquarium setup you want and have constructed a list of fish compatible with your setup are you ready to start shopping. I would recommend visiting a few fish stores in your area to see what from your list is available.

* Buy only from a trusted source. Here is where your network of friends and acquaintances come in handy. Seek out experienced cichlids owners from among your network and ask for advice on where to find a trustworthy shop that sells cichlids.

* You can buy cichlids online, from a local pet shop, or from an experienced cichlid breeder. What is important is the seller can be trusted enough to sell you healthy cichlids and will be happy to replace them if something goes wrong.

* Be observant. Check the overall appearance of the cichlids you want to buy. Do they look active and alert? Do they swim straight or do they tilt? (Healthy cichlids swim in a lateral matter.

* Try not to randomly (or on impulse) buy your fishes, or you will probably regret it and will end up just frustrated with the results..

* Ask lots of questions. It’s best to ask plenty of questions to a potential source. The net is a great source of information you really should utilize before purchasing.

* Check potential fish’s overall demeanor, cichlids should be checked white spots because its a sure sign of parasites attacking the fish. Rough red raw sections around the fins or along the body, or fins that are broken and torn, are to be avoided.

* Be sure to find out a stores return policy, to protect yourself in case your fish is sick at time of purchase.

* If you buy cichlids from a pet store you should ideally research the store to find out if the aquariums consistently cleaned or not.

* Never buy too many fish at once. This upsets the balance in your tank of good bacteria. Adding too many fish to quick can be toxic.

* These days there are many online options available for the cichlid buyer so you should at least take the time to browse these indexes before you finally decide where to purchase cichlids from.

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Another useful tip -

Try and sex the cichlids you're looking at, or ask an employee if they can sex the fish. A breeding pair of cichlids can cause a lot of harm to tank mates.

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I am looking to add Cichlids in my aquarium, but before that, I want some information about how I buy healthy Cichlids and this post help me to made my decision. Thank you so much for your valuable post.