Almost killed all my grow-outs tonight!

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Neon tetra
So it's a long story that I'll try to condense down...
My city had ecoli in our water about 10 days ago, so they put us on water restrictions (no drinking basically). Two days go by and they flush the city pipes and lift the ban, all seems fine. Well tonight is water change night for me (I haven't changed water since before the ban) so I change 50% on all three tanks. I notice right after the change the fish are acting sluggish. Kept an eye on them for about 2 hours not knowing what was going on. Then it hit me! They bumped up the chlorine to kill the ecoli! I just poisoned all my fish. So I ran to Wal-Mart and bought declor, air pumps and about 20 gallons of clean water. Rushed home dumped water and fish into totes and started the air. The big guys all are bouncing back and seem ok. But the 55 full of 1-2" babies (future breeders for my fishroom) started dropping like flies! I lost a whole species (5 fish total) and half my stock of another! Thank God the ones left are looking good now. I'll just have to watch them closely for the next couple days. I'm super bummed about the whole deal, but grateful my experience allowed me to notice there was a problem. I might have lost everything over night and not known. Close call!!! Damn city water!!