Biorb Aquarium - What Is All The Fuss About?

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  1. Ozzy47

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    If you are looking for a strong plexiglas acrylic aquarium which offers easy and quick set up and maintenance and look stunning then the BiOrb or BiUbe range could be for you.

    They are a complete aquarium set up in a box. Everything you need is included to create a home or office aquarium. Full instructions are included and even some fish food, the only thing absent is the fish.

    A unique feature througout the BiOrb range is the built-in 5 stage filter with its central airlift and replaceable filter cartridge. Porous ceramic beads which serve as the substrate are the habitat for very large numbers of beneficial bacteria which serve to 'cycle' the tank converting ammonia and nitrite to nitrate.

    Standard for most and an optional extra for the rest 'Intelligent LED Lighting' is very advanced. This light source simulates sunrise and sunset by gradually raising and lowering its intensity at the appropriate times, after sunset it automatically fades into a blue moonlight.

    They even have plant rings available which are designed to go round the central filter tube and are an array of silk plants.

    Accessories include tank stands, heater pack, digital thermometer, colour swaps, silk plants, a three stage timer and even a marine pack.

    The classic BiOrb range is a set of globes ranging from the Baby BiOrb (15 litres or 4 gall capacity)) through the BiOrb 30 (30 litres), the BiOrb 60 (60 litres) to the newest addition to the range the BiOrb 105 (105 litres or 28 galls).

    The BiUbe range is not cube shaped as you might think but very elegant cylinders. They come in two varieties one has a coloured base and lid and the other is completely clear acrylic called the 'BiUbe Pure', they both have the same 9 galls capacity.

    The final set in the Biorb range is the square or rectangular 'BiOrb Life' series, they have a clear front and back and coloured opaque wrap around top, bottom and sides. Capacities are 30, 45 and 60 litres, the smallest is square and the larger two are a rectangular 'Portrait' style shape.

    One criticism is that they are not cheap but the main criticism was that they are all quite small tanks and not able to hold a lot of fish of any size. The arrival of the BiOrb 105 has countered this criticism, 28 galls is a respectable size for any home aquarium.


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  2. CarpCharacin

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    BiOrbs are cool, but I think they are kind of overpriced.
  3. Ozzy47

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    Yeah they are a bit overpriced, but they do look different. Should draw more modern people into the hobby.
  4. Ozzy47

    Ozzy47 German blue ram Fish guru

    The advantages of these tanks are:

    Good design and excellent lighting effects.

    The baby BiOrb will fit where other tanks will not fit.

    Everything you need is in Included, except fish.

    The plexiglass acrylic aquariums are ten times stronger than glas.

    The filter cartridge is easy to clean and change.

    Maintenance is minimal and the fish remain healthy because of the built-in five stage filter system.

    The disadvantages are:

    They are not cheap, compared to a normal aquarium setup.

    They are all small tanks so the choice of fish and their numbers is limited.

    The globe shaped tanks have a small top opening, which can make cleaning of the inside wall a bit of a PITA.
  5. Angelphish

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    I'm sorry if I come across a little strongly on this topic, it's just hard to hide the fact that I feel strongly about it~

    The first thing I dislike (utterly hate) about these tanks is the outrageous price. Who would EVER buy a tank that costs $150 for the BASE MODEL (4 gallons). I could easily build something much better than that tank for less money.

    The next thing that gets irritates me is that the tank, costing as much as it does, comes with an air powered (sponge) filter. These can be bought for $5 off Ebay. I almost feel like this company is trying to be the Apple of aquariums - taking old or lacking technology, putting their name on it, and overpricing the product.

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