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  1. BobandGulp

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    Hi everyone, just a hello from a newbe to this site.
    I live in Utah originally from the UK, have just finished putting together a small koi garden classic rock pond style. Approx 26 x 30 x 5 ft deep, with a twin 6 ft waterfall stretching back 10ft.
    I am using a 4in bottom drain, running into a vortex and bio-beed filter with a 2in feed to a 8k pump. Also a 10in skimmer feeding a 2in to the same pump. Bottom drain also supplies oxygen to the pond.
    From the pump I am feeding a twin 75wt 2in UV sterilizer which feeds directly into the upper part of my fountain filter, also a 20 gallon sand filter that feeds also into the fountain filter from the bottom passing through, alfa-rock and mesh.
    I am now in the process of looking into and purchasing fish. A little about my self.
    I am in my 50's and have kept fish since i was a child, I went to collage in the UK ( evenings) and studied Fish Management, Koi Husbandry and Fish and Water Health, although this was a long time ago I still remember some of it. I have built and maintained a lot of ponds in my time and have enjoyed every minute. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  2. Protim Sarkar

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    Welcome to Utah Fishkeepers !:)
  3. Anders247

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    Welcome to UFK!
  4. CarpCharacin

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    Welcome! Post pictures of your koi pond, it is nice to have a fellow pond owner on here :). My pond is 1500 gallons, it is small compared to yours.
  5. BobandGulp

    BobandGulp Celestial pearl danio New member

    Thanks Folks,
    I will get some images together. Watch this space.

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