Breeding Angelfish In A Laid-back Method


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Angelfish are one of the most popular tropical fish in the world. Being an expert in breeding angelfish is the first step to becoming an experienced fish breeder. You will find some simple steps on how to breed this species in this article.

Angels are divided into various types based on their faces and colors. There are many colors available like leopards, blushers, and silvers. The diversity in color will give your tank a look as if there are many species while in fact you only breed angelfish.

For a tank of 33 gallons, you should house about six juveniles. The bottom should be left bare with no decoration. The pH level is 7 and the temperature should be set at 80f. There are many kinds of food you can use to feed angels: bloodworms, flakes and beef heart mixture.

As they grow to six to eight months old, they will begin to pick their mates. They may pick an area and start to defend. If you are certain that your fish have mated, remove them from the tank and move them to their own tank. You should use a 20-gallon tank. Make sure their tank is equipped with a good spawning site.

Eighty-two degrees is the ideal temperature for breeding. You should see the belly of one of your angels to swell in about five to eight days. This is your female. The papilla should emerge on both of your angels. The papilla of the male is smaller than that of the female. The laying process takes place in just a few days and from now on you should not cause any distraction.

You should take note which one is to lay eggs and which one to fertilize them. Within two days the eggs should turn white. This is a signal to show you that the spawning has been successful. If not, you may have to attempt it a few times before you get the desired result.

The parents should be with the eggs to tend them. After two to three days the eggs will hatch. The newly hatched fry will wiggle for some time before freely swimming throughout the tank. You can use micro worms to feed the fry at this time.

The parents can stay with their fry for the first few days. After that, remove them and begin the process again. Angelfish may be quite demanding therefore you should be patient and try different breeding methods. Being one of the most tropical fish, angelfish will surely add something to your tank.

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Breeding of angelfish is easy compare to other aquarium fish if the aquarium condition is perfect for met. If it's first time breeding your angelfish then you might face some difficulties because you are new to handle the breeding process as well as you need to care angelfish babies.Below I mention some points which you may need to follow angelfish breeding.

1. Setting up a breeding tank.
2. Make sure that the water conditions are suitable for breeding.
3. When you everything set up your aquarium you need to get your angelfish pair.
4. One of the toughest task to determine the angelfish gender.
5. Feeding your angelfish properly.
6. Hatching angelfish egg.
7. Caring for the fry.

These simple steps may help you to understand the process of breeding angelfish.