Breeding shrimp ( neocardini davidi)

Discussion in 'Breeding' started by Harrison Lucas, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Harrison Lucas

    Harrison Lucas Celestial pearl danio New member

    I know mixing different color types is bad, but would mixed breeding of orange and reds result im the shrimp reverting back to wild type brownish colors or would it make slightly duller reds and oranges?
  2. Protim Sarkar

    Protim Sarkar German blue ram Moderator Fish guru

    Welcome to UFK ! I have some friends who bred by mixing different types of shrimps. Of them 50% changed to wild type and the rest colours are as usual as the parents.
  3. Anders247

    Anders247 Bolivian ram Administrator Moderator Well-known Member

    Welcome to the forum!

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