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  1. iorG19

    iorG19 Celestial pearl danio New member

    Hi all fish/tank lovers;

    My english skill is not so hard so, i try to speak as correct as possible (google is my personal teacher)

    I'm iorG19 from Spain, known as GEORGiOBBLOVER; i'm a BB (Bulletin Board) lover as my (old) nickname says. I actually own a community and i also registered here and there ...

    I born in April '86 and i like to drive, i like cinema movies and also make journeys near home :)
    Speaking about this forum, i also had a little tank but nothing special. I'm null about fishes.

    Cheers to staff and all members!
    Arriba and @CarpCharacin :cool:
  2. CarpCharacin

    CarpCharacin Cyprinus carpio Administrator Fish mentor

    Welcome to Utah Fishkeepers!
  3. Fish

    Fish German blue ram Fish guru

    Your English isn't bad.
  4. Anders247

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