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I have a tank that I am looking to clean out and restart on.

First, I was planning to do a planted tank but my tank is too deep so it is not going to work. I have a couple Amazon Swords that are hanging on but are tiny because they need a more shallow tank than mine. I also have two Anubis’s that are actually doing fairly well but are pretty covered in some algae. With a little care and time these plants would all do well I believe.

I also have some fish that are very healthy. I have a few colorful male guppies, three male dwarf rainbows, three Dalmatian platies (never have had any babies), a few neon tetras, 3 ottos, and an emerald Cory catfish. They are all peaceful, active, healthy, and beautiful fish.

Let me know if you are interested in any or all of it. I need to clean it all out as soon as I can. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

I live in Payson.