Feeding The Fish In Aquarium Fish Tanks

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    One has to be careful about the type, amount and the timings at which the feed is to be provided to the fish in aquarium fish tank. The feed type depends upon the species and age. When you are purchasing the fish then you need to know the details about their feed requirements. Though there are no feeding timings in the wild but even then it is better to have a set schedule for feeding fish. There are certain fish that need to be fed twice or thrice a day so, make sure that you are punctual in following the schedule.

    Now, considering the Feeding times; it is important to provide fish with the food at specific times such that they also get used to it and their biological clock gets adjusted accordingly.

    Fish, usually, gather around the food when provided. This sight is very appealing and its fun to watch them but providing too much food might create problems. Fish do not consume the amount of food as is usually thought. They need to e provided with the amount that doesn’t can be consumed by them. The consumption is determined by the type of a particular fish.

    Overfeeding is a source of pollution in the aquarium fish tank. Thus, you would need more cleaning than is normally required. This feed settles down at the bottom of the tank and converts into toxins.

    Also, the excess food might be drawn into the filter making the filter to get blocked prematurely.

    Constant overfeeding leads to digestive problems in fish. This digestive problem can also cause death of fish after some certain time. Their stomachs then become bloated and start pressing onto the swim bladder. Swim bladder controls fish’s buoyancy. Malfunction of swim bladder causes the fish to struggle to swim properly.

    To provide the fish with the most appropriate amount of food try this tip: provide them with some food and check after three minutes if it has been consumed completely. If it has been consumed completely in less than three min then provide some more. If some of it hasn’t been consumed then you are most probably overfeeding and shouldn’t provide with more. Taking care of the feed amount will make things easier for you.

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    I love that photo...

    Each of those Rams is about as big as the guy's finger.
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