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  1. Tian

    Tian Neon tetra Member

    Good Day,

    Last thread on this section displayed on my list was also a sick FH i posted.... Thats not good. Because here i am starting a new thread on the new FH I got for my GF.

    First he started eating less. Then he started moving less. This started on Saturday. So i tested the water and noticed the Nitrates being slightly more than what it usually was at 30ppm. So i did a big water change, replaced all floss in the filter and rinsed the Matrix in the filter. Nitrates back at +- 20ppm. I thought it could have been that causing the issue and that it might take a day or 2 for him to become better again.

    So Teusday we got home from work and noticed his belly is swolen. Did some research and research and read from some forum that he might be constipated. We tried peace but he refuses to take that.....
    We then added Epson Salt (also read about that) yesterday, 1 table spoon per gallon was added then.

    Yesterday we noticed that a little piece of poop's head is starting to come out of his anus, but this morning that same little piece is all we could see.

    What else can we try except for peace and epson salt?
  2. CarpCharacin

    CarpCharacin Cyprinus carpio Administrator Fish mentor

    Do you mean you tried peas? Did you make sure to take the skin off before feeding them to him?
  3. Tian

    Tian Neon tetra Member

    OMW..... Yes.... Peas not peace.... lol!
    Yep, i did take the skin of before feeding it to him.
    He just looks at it refusing to take it.

    So yesterday and this morning we did Epson salt baths. I pured about 4 gallons of water in a cooling box and then added the 4 table spoons of Epson salt. Kept him in there for about 30 minutes each of the 2 sessions.

    that little piece of poop is still stuck in the anus not getting longer or falling of BUT about 20 minutes after the bath he pooped a little yellowish poop. I guess this is a good sign, right?

    Anything else i can try?
  4. acaraguy2375

    acaraguy2375 Neon tetra Member

    He's going to die. What size tank? Was it cycled?

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  5. Tian

    Tian Neon tetra Member

    How could you tell he would just die without being sure what it even is???

    It is cycled tank yes. Just tested again
    Nitrate at 20ppm
    Nitrite/amonia at 0ppm.
    Its an old established tank at around 3 or 4 years old. Its a 80 gallon.
  6. Tian

    Tian Neon tetra Member

    So we have continued on fb with research on a FH page... they suggested bathing him in epsol bath and seeing if anything change then.

    So the FH still have a little piece of poop sticking out and along side that some whiteish poop poped out.
    So they suggested internal worms caused by protein rich food....

    They also suggested seachems metroplex treatment.
  7. Anders247

    Anders247 Bolivian ram Administrator Moderator Well-known Member

    Do you have access to metronidazole? Or is that what Seachem's metroplex treatment is..... sounds like it anyway.
  8. acaraguy2375

    acaraguy2375 Neon tetra Member

    Is he still eating? I can tell he's going to die because if he doesn't poo than he will.. well.. Google how Elvis died... What do you feed him? Epsom salt baths should move any blockages through. If it's worms or an internal parasite it will require meds. Post a pic. Close up of belly and anus please (no creep) i have a friend that breeds fh, I will reach out.

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  9. Tian

    Tian Neon tetra Member

    We went to the VET that Sunday morning the to get him some Metronidazole. We mixed that with some Epsol salts.
    The metroplex was almost the same also containing ingredients of metronidazole.

    The meds worked actually real fast agter 7hrs he started to poop. But Monday morning we found him dead.
  10. Tian

    Tian Neon tetra Member

    Well, you were 100% correct. He died...
    But to still answer your questions, no, he did not eat at all!
    And we always fed him like this;
    Breakfast- Hikari Blood Red Parrot
    Dinner- Hikari Bio Gold
    Once a week for dinner he got a block of bloodworms.
  11. Tian

    Tian Neon tetra Member

    We live in Namibia....
    Let me explain the nonsence we are going through to get what we need.

    Here are 4 petshops in our city. The medication they stock (3/4) is General aid, fin rot and whitespot/ich meds.
    We live outside the city. Internet here is weak. So then we need to drive to work or somewhere where internet is available. Then we can make posts to here and flowerhorn forums. Then we must drive back to get internet to see the replies and hope to get some treatments names.

    After day 3 (all we got was epson salt and peas) we managed to find out that we need the metro involved meds.
    No petshop had or could get us. So then we start making calls to our neighbouring country to import it. That takes 2-4 days.
    On day 4 we got a vet who actually wanted to go off record and supply us with the metrodenazole pills.
    We still have not even received the metroplex meds but the fish is gone already.

    We even had a fight with the one store owner cause he wanted to sell us some fin rot and external fungus medications.

    I am almost certain we would have managed to pull this off if we could have gotten hold of the correct medications on day 1.

    Now atleast we have the medication to keep in stock for future or to help others if they may need it in future. Thats if its not expired.
  12. Anders247

    Anders247 Bolivian ram Administrator Moderator Well-known Member

    Sorry for your loss. :(
  13. Theodore Stuck

    Theodore Stuck Celestial pearl danio New member

    I feel you, that's an unfortunate situation... Sorry for your loss ;/

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