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    Hi, I have had a fish tank as long as I can remember... In 1994 I started keeping Tanganyikan Cichlids... Now don't laugh at this part... We lived in a small cabin with no running water and a 13 tank fish room in interior Alaska. 10 years ago I left Alaska and all my tanks. Fast forward 10 years and here we are joining Utah fish keepers.
    Currently we have a 30 gallon cube that is home to a group of eretmodus cyanostictus Kasanga (Tanganyikan gobies), 2 synodontis lucipinnis, and a bushy nose pleco. As soon as our next project (90 gal) is completed, the gobies will move and the 30 will become home to some Tanganyika shellies. You can check out the stand for the 30 and 90 in the DIY forum.
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    Welcome to Utah Fishkeepers! We are glad that you decided to become a member! :)
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    Welcome to UFK!
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    Welcome aboard

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