how much abuse can wild discus take!


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On a recent collection trip to a Amazonian tributary, we were lucky to catch some fabulous wild discus! We were granted a export and import licence as the river we were surveying will be gone in a few months ( logging!).

Collection went fine and we quarantined on site for a month, the locals we employ sent these to the UK 4 days ago. Everything went wrong and the 48 hours we expected them to take, ended up being 6 days in customs in the UK. Well I expected dead fish, so with a heavy heart went to airport to pick up the dead fish. We got a huge shock!

Out of the 16 fish sent 12 were apparently alive and in fairly good condition! I have never know wild discus to survive without air and heat for so long, they are now safely back at the lab and doing well. Once I get them home I will post pics, lab policy prevents me from posting pics taken at the lab (copyright issues) but once home I can take pics.

Makes me wonder just how they survived in a unheated warehouse! Very pleased they did as these are truly magnificent.