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    I've been a member of MFK for along time, and received a message from CarpCharacin to check this site out. I have been a fish keeper since the late 1950s, keeping mostly cichlids, and worked as a water chemist/microbiologist. I'm a bit conservative about water quality preferring to do 30% water changes on my tanks every other day if possible (being a water chemist may sway my conservatism), in WI all my water change water was sent to my gardens spring thru fall, as I had about 3000 gallons in indoor tanks and pools, and another 2000 gallons in ponds outside. The rule of tank size with required to fish size I try to follow is 10 gallons for every inch of adult fish (I'm not talking about fish numbers).
    An example would be to me, for a 55 gallon tank, maybe 5 x 5.5" fish, or in a 100 gal, 3 x 10" fish. Population depending on filtration etc etc.
    I'm originally from Wisconsin but retired about a year ago to Panama. I really enjoy taking GoPro movies of cichlids in nature, which was one of my motivations for relocating to Panama.
    I will post some of my former fish, and movies in the gallery section
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    Welcome! Thanks for checking my site out.
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    Hi. Carp found me as Simply Discus and invited me here.

    I don't know if we agree or disagree on WC and tank stocking. My tanks are generally overstocked but I change water every day and I change way more water than you. All my 24 tanks are BB although I have a 125 display tank at my shop.
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    Welcome To UFK :)
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