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    I am retired army SFC Dennis Tracey from Tooele. I am rebuilding my fish room at this time. I have a five foot river, a Finn Strong original River Tank from the early 1990s, and a couple of others. There are 4 70 gallon freshwater tanks. A 55 gallon salt water corner tank, 3 29 gallon bio cubes. One of these is the OK Corral, which have 30 drawf seahorses. A couple of hex tanks, one awaits fish. Not all tanks contain fish. I got 6 Tomosamo swordtail fry. One just started to show a sword. None gravid yet. I want some N class endlers livebearers. Just got some killifish eggs.

    I think this covers an introduction.
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    Welcome to Utah Fishkeepers! We are glad you decided to join :).
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    Welcome to UFK !:)
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    Welcome to UFK!

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