Free Large fancy golfish needs a new home


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Hey all,
After much debate, I have decided to downgrade from 2 tanks to 1, and I need to rehome some goldfish. Most of them I can rehome with no worries, but I have a fairly large fancy butterfly tail Oranda that I want to make sure goes to the right home.
He is roughly 10 inches from tip to tip, tri colored male. I have been struggling with trace ammonia and I think I am just too overstocked.
He was recently treated for a mild case of fin rot and just returned to the main tank, and sure enough, my ammonia is showing trace amounts again.
He needs to go to someone with either a large tank, or in a pond, due to his size.
I paid a pretty penny for him, but I am not looking to sell him, just find him a good home where he can have the space and filtration he needs.
If anyone is interested in him, or know of someone who has space for him, please message me.