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Today I got a new 55 gallon tank at the Petco sale. Unfortunately the dollar per gallon sale only goes up to 29 gallon tanks now, but tanks above 29 gallons were still half off, so the 55 ended up costing around $70, which is only like $15 more than what it would have been at $1 per gallon. My 75 gallon leaked out in August, and I had a spare 55 that I was planning on moving my Electric Blue Haps into, but it turned out that the frame of that tank was cracked, so I did not trust the integrity of the tank, and that is why I got a new tank. I couldn't find any used tanks in decent condition for under $50, and I think the peace of mind of having a new tank and not having to worry about it leaking is worth the extra $15 or $20. I am going to get some corrugated polycarbonate to use as a canopy in case the haps decide to jump, and then I will move them from the divided 40 gallon tank they are in now into the 55.