Nitrates and invertebrates health

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  1. Timbosliccce

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    Hello all!

    I definitely need some advice on how better to manage my nitrates in my tank as a recent Spike and been killing off my invertebrates. **All fish are completely fine and healthy**

    *Pic of tank attached
    35g Planted tank for small tropical fish
    0 amn
    0 nitrite
    40+ ppm nitrate! *Tap registers about 10ppm
    PH varies between 7.8-8.
    Usual water changes 30% a week, but increased as soon as I detected the Nitrates.

    I bought two freshwater Pom Pom crabs and about 10 RCS about 2ish months ago and they were thriving. Just within the last couple of weeks the RCS started to slowly get sluggish and die off, and just within the last couple of days the crabs did as well. Nothing changed since introducing them to the tank. I do have a lot plants however not much ground cover, so my normal water changes I can usually get most detritus out. Even after doing more frqfrequ water changes to keep the nitrate level diwn they still weren't able to make it.

    Any better advice other then more water changes and keeping tank clean? They keep rising and I'm not sure if other factors might be effecting it.

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  2. CarpCharacin

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    You could try using Pothos to remove the nitrates, I know some people have had good luck with it.
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  3. Protim Sarkar

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    Change 50% water. Also, you can plant Pothos/Money Plant as told by CarpCharacin. It's good !:)
  4. Timbosliccce

    Timbosliccce Celestial pearl danio New member

    Thanks guys!! Ill definitely look into those!!

    I just ordered a breeder pack of Painted Fire RCS and Im going to make sure the water is perfect. I want them to start breeding sooo badly.

    Ill try to post an update later and let you know how the plants do.

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