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Hello... I'm NOMO. I was very impressed with the young man who's site this is, (and who's name I do not recall)... having watched him on the News last night for being proactive on making sure goldfish have a bigger environment than a typical "Goldfish bowl". GOOD FOR YOU! Unfortunately, there are many who may not know line one about fish keeping, and a goldfish is their introduction into the hobby. The hope is that their initial interest will spur more study of the needs of fish and fish keeping in order to provide the most healthy environment possible not only for their goldfish but all the other potential fish they may choose to keep.

Having been in the hobby for some time... to this end I created a device that allows my 5 fish tanks to go up to two years without changing the water or vacuuming the gravel all while maintaining clear water and safe water chemical levels. I do not believe this has ever been accomplished let alone using only an under gravel filter plate.

As a result, I grow lush plants as they are not uprooted each time a typical gravel vacuum is performed. Additionally stress is drastically reduced because I am not ripping up their environment every 7-10 days nor am I doing regular water changes... which can create as much stress as a tank high in ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites. All of this yields aquatic life with an environment as close to nature as possible in a closed system and no stressing or work for me by adding more chores to the work week... we just enjoy our fish.

Happy fish keeping! : )


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Hi i was the one who was on the news. I just had to approve your post because this forum gets filled with spam alot. My name is James Stewart because you said you forgot :). Glad that you saw the news story!! The message about goldfish bowls just needs to be spread. Usually i have to approve new members first 3 posts for them to be removed from the new member usergroup, but i removed you from the new members group so your posts do not need to be approved because you are not a spambot.