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Discussion in 'Local Fishkeeping Discussion' started by CarpCharacin, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. CarpCharacin

    CarpCharacin Rainbow cichlid Administrator Fish mentor

    Yesterday I went to Pets & Such and got a small butterfly koi for my pond. They are located at 3680 3500 S in West Valley City. I was pretty happy with their fish and the condition of their tanks, although I saw some fish with ich in one of their goldfish tanks. Has anyone else here been there recently?
  2. Roxane1232

    Roxane1232 German blue ram Fish guru

    I went their to purchase some ghost shrimp in May, I really like their store, and the variety of fish they have. I especially like their koi Angels. They are the only other store I have purchased fish or shrimp from other than fish 4 u.

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