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    To help you with your fish, we need to know some things about your fish & tank.

    1. How large is your tank in gallons? What are the dimensions? Tanks that are too small can cause all sorts of health issues.
    2. What are your water parameters? Test with a liquid test kit. Test strips are less accurate.
    3. Is your aquarium freshwater, brackish or saltwater?
    4. What is the temperature of your aquarium?
    5. What is your maintenance routine? How often do you do water changes and feed your fish?
    6. What fish do you have in the tank?
    7. What kind of filter do you use?
    8. How long has your tank been established? Uncycled tanks can cause health problems.
    9. What substrate and decorations do you have? Some decorations and substrate can injure your fish and others can change the pH.
    Please include the answers to all of these questions when posting a question on the Aquatic Health/Diseases category.
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