Using A UV Aquarium Sterilizer for Aquarium Maintenance


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A UV aquarium sterilizer will kill algae, viruses, bacteria and parasites using ultraviolet bulbs. This sterilizer does a great job at cleaning the aquarium water to pristine conditions. Ultraviolet sterilizers do such a great job that there are a number of corporations out there that use this method to purify drinking water on a commercial scale and even to kill algae growth in outdoor ponds.

If you own an aquarium at home, you would most likely use several fish tank filters cleaning the water. A UV aquarium sterilizer can be a great addition to any aquarium, but the point to remember is that you should be using a UV aquarium sterilizer as an add on with your normal fish tank filters and needs to be the last stage of the filtration process. It's important for you to ensure that the aquarium water is filtered through the normal filters first before it is directed into the UV aquarium sterilizer unit. Your normal fish tank filter removes solids so that when the water passes through the UV aquarium sterilizer unit later, it is purified to the best results.

A UV aquarium sterilizer will continue to function well as long as the bulb wattage is sufficient and the bulb isn't too old. Then, you will have to maintain the flow rate of the water and clean the quartz sleeve to ensure that it remains efficient.

The Bulb

Over time, the UV bulb will begin to lose its effectiveness, which is why it should be replaced twice a year. You can purchase bulbs between 8 watts and 130 watts - the higher the wattage, the better it does at cleaning the water. Devices with a lower wattage bulb need to have a lower flow rate in order to work well.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is another important factor to consider. A slower flow rate is more effective to kill algae, in addition to parasites and bacteria. The flow rates are measured in either gallons per hour or liters per hour. As an example, a sterilizer with a 15-watt bulb is sufficient to kill algae and bacteria at a 120 gph flow, but it won't kill parasites unless you reduce the flow rate to 75 gph.

Clean the Quartz

You can find the quartz sleeve where the UV bulb fits into the device. A lot of people forget about this part of the UV aquarium sterilizer and do not clean it enough. {By cleaning it, you will remove-Cleaning the sleeve removes] build up and ensures that the UV aquarium sterilizer functions at optimum levels. You will be able to purchase more expensive sterilizers which come with a wiper handle positioned outside of the device for fast and easy cleaning of the sleeve, so that you would not have to dismantle the sterilizer to clean it.

These days it is easy to purchase a UV aquarium sterilizer, either from a pet shop or online. These devices are a great thing to add to any aquarium, but they can be expensive, especially if you consider the cost to replace the bulbs.

People who own salt water aquariums are more likely to purchase a UV aquarium sterilizer because it will improve the water quality and provides extra protection for expensive salt water fish.

Even though a UV aquarium sterilizer is not really that necessary, many aquarium hobbyists do find that this device is great at maintaining clean water while keeping fish and other aquatic life healthy and happy. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal choice and what you want to work well for your aquarium.