What to Consider When Buying Frozen Fish Food


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Do you have a fish filled acquarium in your home or office? If this was a new purchase, you may have many questions. One of the most common questions asked by new fish owners concerns food. Your first impulse may be to head to your local pet store and purchase the cheapest food available. Yes, this will do, but there is a much better option. That is buying frozen fish food from a trusted online retailer. Wait! Frozen fish food? As a new acquarium owner, you may have never heard of frozen fish food. You may also wonder what the benefits are and how to buy it.

Frozen fish food has many benefits. The greatest benefits it the nutritional value retained. These important nutrients are often lost through the entire process of making and packaging dry fish food. The added nutrients from frozen fish food can increase the energy and color of your fish. Not only do your acquarium fish reap the benefits, but you do too. You will get pride and joy from seeing your fish in their prime, full of energy and color.

You now know the benefits of feeding your acquarium fish frozen food, but how can you buy it? What factors should you consider?

Your acquarium contents. Frozen fish food is available for a wide range of fish; however, you will usually find an emphasis on marine and corals. As previously stated, it is recommended that you buy frozen fish food online, as you are presented with more choices and better prices. You should also get detailed descriptions. However, when in doubt, place a call to the customer service department. They can help ensure you choose the frozen food best for your acquarium fish.

Your acquarium fish size and food size. Since frozen, this fish food usually comes in cubes. For example, a coral food mix may come in 100G cubes, 200G cubes, or 1LB cubes. It is best to opt for the right size. When buying, consider the size of your fish. If not given a choice, frozen fish food cubes can be thawed and cut into smaller sizes.

The online retailer that you make your purchase through. As previously stated, buying frozen fish food online has its benefits. You get a better product selection and prices because there are many retailers to choose from. For your benefit and the benefit of your fish, make your choice wisely. Since you may have questions, ensure there is a customer service phone number or email available. Then, consider price.

Your shipping options. Although it is best to buy frozen fish food online, you must proceed with caution. To keep your food safe and to retain all nutrients, proper shipping is a must. Since the product is frozen, it cannot be shipped like traditional mail. A quality retailer will generally use two-day shipping with FedEx or UPS. Your purchase should be shipped in a Styrofoam cooler and with ice packs.

Your shipping costs. Shipping costs vary greatly online. If you are not careful, it can significantly increase the cost of your purchase. With frozen fish food, you are presented with a unique opportunity. You continue to freeze at home, meaning there is no rush to use the food before it goes bad or starts to produce mold. To save both time and money, opt for an online fish supplier that has flat rate shipping. You pay the same shipping costs regardless of quantity. Stock-up and get a better rate.

You now know how to buy frozen fish food and get the best value for your money, but what about when that food arrives? If this is your first time feeding your acquarium fish frozen food, carefully read the instructions on the package. Although you may find a variance, you should:

Begin thawing your frozen fish cubes twenty to thirty minutes before feeding time. Using hot water to hurry the thawing process is not advised. A constant stream of hot water decreases the freshness and nutritional value. Remember, the nutritional value was one of the benefits of frozen fish food, so don’t wash it away.

Only thaw what you need. Frozen fish food should not be refrozen. This reduces the nutritional value and does pose health risks. Luckily, most fish foods that are frozen come in resealable plastic bags. Grab what you need for the next feeding, set that cube aside to thaw, reseal the package, and put in your freezer immediately.

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