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Discussion in 'Ponds' started by CarpCharacin, Nov 29, 2016.

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    What should I do to winter it? It has been months and I still have to install my UV and priming pot. The pump gets plugged up so the flow rate is slow. The pump is an evolution es3500. Should I install the UV and the priming pot? The filter is a 55 gallon drum with the water coming in to the top and there is an overflow in the top that it comes out of. There is a drain at the bottom too, but I am planning on removing it because the water level of the barrel is too hard to maintain having the water come out of the bottom. The filter media is k3 kaldnes. I built a prefilter basket out of lighting diffuser/egg crate and it is held together with zip ties, but I don't currently have it over the filter barrel because it gets clogged so fast because of the algae. So what should I do? Should I install the UV and the priming pot before I winter the pond? What do I do to winter the pond? @Professor_fish
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    This probably does speak to your question, but is how I do it with cichlid, and carp type ponds.
    Where I lived in the US, my ponds would freeze solid starting around the end of Dec, thru Mar, so I always brought fish and water lilies inside to kiddy pools, in the basement for the winter. In spring I'd always fill the ponds up early, with water change water to get the bio action going, before adding the fish, and the daphnia and gammarus would always magically appear.
    For me, fractionation was the best form of filtration to get rid of green water.
    and shot of my DIY fractionator working, removing algae, DOC, and even parasites.
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    I have a 55 watt Jebao stainless steel UV that I have been planning to install for several months. The filter froze in top, but the pond hasn't frozen so I stuck the air stone from the filter into the pond.

    The water is cold, but it isn't frozen so I think the fish are fine. My filter is a moving bed filter made out of a 55 gallon drum. My original plan was to use bio balls and have the water come in the top and go out the bottom, but that didn't work. The media didn't fluidize and I couldn't maintain the water level. I got some k3 kaldnes to use instead. I also got a hakko pond air pump and a diffuser disc. If I remember correctly, the pump is a 25 lpm pump. The diffuser disc I got was just a single matala diffuser. I didn't realize, but it was for 40 lpm pumps. I also decided that it would be best to use the overflow in the top of the barrel instead of the bottom drain in the barrel.

    For a while, I didn't know what was wrong with it but I asked on a koi forum and I found out it was the diffuser disc. @icu2 had a pentair sweetwater air stone that he sent me to try. I tried that and the pump still wasn't pumping. I decided to take apart the pump and one of the tubing connectors in the diapragm cover broke just when I touched it. I think that trying to use it with the matala diffuser disc damaged it. After I replaced the diapragm cover, the filter fluidized.

    Before I turned off the pump for the winter a few weeks ago, the water flow was decreased a lot because I don't have a priming pot installed. I have one that I am planning to add. I have a media basket I made out of egg crate/lighting diffuser that holds polyester batting where the water comes in the top but I took it out because the batting would get clogged up with algae from the green water. I am going to put it in probably in the spring when the UV is installed.

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